My Travel Bucket List

Sydney Olympic Pool

1) Swim at Sydney Olympic Pool

2) See Great Wall of China

3) Drive I-90 from Seattle to Chicago/Boston

4) Giant’s Causeway

5) 3 month long trip in Italy

Peniche Surf Camp in Portugal

6) Peniche surfcamp

7) Alaska

8) Northern Lights in Iceland

9) South America

10) Antarctica Cruise

11) Visit Friends in Australia (again)

12) Relax for a week in Aruba

13) Cherry Blossoms in Japan during the Spring

14) Pipe Masters competition on the North Shore

15) Visit Djibouti

Keukenhof Gardens Tulips

16) Tulips in Netherlands during the Spring

17) Harry Potter Leavesden Studios and Themepark

18) World Cup

19) Olympics

20) Eurocup

21) Lesotho

22) Play a show in Nashville, TN

23) Eurotrips: Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Biarritz, Scotland, Germany.

24) Live in another country

25) Teach English in Japan

26) Be an Au Pair

27) Go to Swaziland

28) Drive down the Autobahn

29) Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.

30) Surf in Tofino

31) Rainbow Pools in Yellowstone

32) Spotted Lake in British Columbia

33) See Sumo wrestling in Japan

34) Floating lanterns festival

35) Snorkel alongside whale sharks!

36) Swim across Crater Lake

37) Hobbiton in New Zealand

38) River surfing on the Eisbach

39) Pammukale, Turkey

40) Bathe in a Japanese onsen with monkeys

Okinawa War Memorial

41) Visit ancestral history in Okinawa

42) Austin City Limits festival

43) Travel to St. Petersburg & Moscow

44) Tierra Del Fuego icebergs

45) Swim at the crest of Victoria Falls

46) Get soaked by the splash of Iguazu Falls

47) Surf in the Canary Islands

48) Canal Tubing in Kauai, HI

49) See the Taj Mahal and then do something good in India

Surfing at Kuta Beach in Bali

50) Learn how to Surf