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Explore and Discover Your Love for Travel

Using your palate doesn’t only relate to distinguishing your taste in food (although it’s nice). You can use your palate to learn your about your travel style. With your travel palate, find out what your favorite hobbies you enjoy, souvenirs you endulge in, cities you could explore for days, and which buddies you love to share your passions with.

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Join me (Kumiko) in Discovering My Travel Palate!

I discovered my love for travel after my mom and a younger me jetted off to Japan to visit family. Ever since then, I’ve gone back multiple times, as well as frequently traveling to other countries along the way. I enjoy traveling solo and on a budget, but sometimes I like to add in a volunteer or family trip.

I love planning my own real (and imaginary) itineraries and also help friends out when they are planning their own vacations. It only seemed natural to start my own travel blog to further this passion! You can also find more of my travel work on Wanderlust & Lipstick’s WanderTips section and on their start-up sites, who I have regularly written for since 2012. This is just the next step in my journey as a travel writer, so find out along with me where I go next!