Cool Things to Do in Tokyo

tokyo cat cafe

Japan’s metropolitan capital is full of awesome and interesting things to do, so much that one trip won’t be enough for everything you want to see! From world-famous attractions to finding peace amidst the chaos of the city, Tokyo has you covered on finding an activity for every traveler. Top sites such as the Imperial Palace or Tokyo Tower are popular for a reason, but if you want to delve into a less touristy side of the city, check out these cool things to do in Tokyo.

inokashira park tokyo

inokashira park boats

Boating in Inokashira Park

On the outskirts of Kichijoji in Tokyo is the quiet Inokashira Park. Here you’ll find businessmen taking naps during work breaks, kids on play dates and cute couples walking around the lake. For a fun afternoon, rent one of the swan-shaped peddle boats for a few hours with a friend. You’ll see koi fish coming up for food and swans gliding next to you. Afterward, take a walk around the park, cross the beautiful bridges and you might come across a small historical shrine.  

samurai theme restaurant tokyo

samurai restaurant tokyo

Eat at Themed Restaurants

Enhance your dining experience at one of many themed restaurants in Tokyo! You’ll find restaurants with the waitresses dressed as maids, robots competitions on a dance floor, samurai decorations, and waiters jumping out of the ceiling dressed as ninjas. Most of these restaurants are based around the Shinjuku and Shibuya areas of Tokyo. While the decorations are a bit crazy, the food still tastes delicious!  

sushi in tokyo

Tour Tsukiji Fish Market

If you can wake up in time (think 4 a.m.!), then make your way over to Tsukiji Fish Market. It is one of a kind and the biggest fish market in the world. While trying to find the tuna auction in the back of the market, walk by rows of merchants selling various seafood to local restaurant chefs and hardcore housewives preparing the day’s meals. While it is an amazing experience, stay aware of your surroundings and not get in the way of the people doing business. It’s a busy and sometimes hectic place.  

cat cafe tokyo

Visit an Animal Café

The world has started to take notice of cat cafes and how cute they are, but Japan started it first and holds an animal café empire within Tokyo alone. It doesn’t stop at cats though, now there are owl, puppy, rabbit, reptile, and goat cafes! These cafes encourage guests to play with the animals and sometimes bring along their own to join in on the fun. Order lunch while having to fend off the goat, drink your coffee with some cat latte art and hope that you don’t step on any unsavory animal droppings on the way out.

tokyo arcade games

Pachinko and Arcades

If you pass by a noisy building, chances are it’s either a pachinko or arcade building. Pachinko is a special style of gambling, similar to a pinball machine, where you can win small prizes. In the arcades you’ll find teenagers playing games with cool themes like taiko drumming, racecar driving, and ninja fighting. If you go to the top level of the arcade buildings you’ll usually find the purikura (picture) booths. Watch how the Japanese girls pose in their photos and walk around to see which photo theme best fits you. Purikura photos definitely are a fun and weird souvenir to bring back home from a trip to Tokyo!

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