Must-Try Foods in Albuquerque

albuquerque food lox

My trip to Albuquerque solely revolved around food. I didn’t really have any activities planned out, but I did have  a list of which restaurants we were going to try and what dishes they were known for. Before the trip, I checked out photos of food and activities in Albuquerque through hashtag handles on Instagram and made sure to note down the ones that really stuck out to me. I just wanted to overindulge on what I couldn’t find back home in Seattle. Albuquerque ain’t no place for Chipotle, you’ll find the closest to real Mexican cuisine here as possible in America! The following dishes and restaurants topped my list of must-try foods in Albuquerque.

monroe's abq chile rellenos

Chile Rellenos at Monroe’s

New Mexico is all about Chiles. You’ll find red chiles strung up as decorations on store fronts and houses, and green chile salsa on almost every menu at the local restaurants. My favorite dish featuring green chiles was the Chile Rellenos platter at Monroe’s. Based around Old Town, it has a menu full of traditional New Mexican dishes, but this dish was what I went there to conquer. It did not disappoint and had me wanting to take another plate to go. Chile Rellenos is a chicken, cheese and green chile mixture in a deep-fried poblano chile.

tacos at zacatecas abq

Tacos & Tequila at Zacatecas

Cocktails and tacos are a dangerous mix at Zacatecas, but go hand-in-hand for a fun night. Located in the hip Nob Hill neighborhood, they roll up their garage doors on warm days and let the tequila warm you up on cold days. It happened to be dumping snow in Albuquerque when I went, so I had a few too many delicious Granada cocktails. Also worth trying is their tequila flights and trying out a few of the taco dishes to share amongst your friends.

breakfast burrito abq

Brunch at The Grove Cafe and Market

The Grove’s menu is so mouth-watering that I had to go back a second time for brunch! Nosh on organic and fresh dishes that showcase New Mexican specialties. My favorite dish was the breakfast Burrito which included green chiles and flavorful salsa. Make sure to wash your food down with a glass of their fresh-squeezed orange juice… or turn it into a mimosa! The Grove is also friendly to gluten-free customers.

Dessert at The Candy Lady

Tucked away in Old Town, The Candy Lady is famous for creating the meth used on set for the TV show, Breaking Bad. But don’t worry, the meth she makes is really rock sugar. You can buy mini bags of it for $1 each, which make for fantastic souvenirs for any friends who are Breaking Bad fans.

granada cocktail at zacatacas abq

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