Bank of America Customer Travel Perks

bank of america chip debit card

Being a Bank of America customer has its perks when planning a vacation. Make sure to look into these member benefits to see if you qualify for them.

Foreign Currency Exchange

Bank of America customers can get a fairly good rate on foreign currency exchange, usually at a better deal than what currency exchange companies offer. BofA won’t handle every currency in the world, but there is a good chance they’ll have what you need. The only downside is that they’ll give you a random mixture that you have no choice in. Make sure to order your currency through them at least two weeks before you need it.

Chip-Installed Debit Cards

As I’ve mentioned before, you might not be able to make some purchases while abroad without chip security on your card. Bank of America is now getting on board with this feature to help customers while they are abroad. While America has yet to really accept chip cards, the benefits of owning one is valuable. Chip-installed cards encrypt the customer’s information in the chip rather than on the magnetic strip (which is also feature). This makes it harder for the card to be copied or counterfeited.

Travel Rewards Credit Card

Bank of America’s Travel Rewards Credit Card is great for frequent travelers. I own it and can even attest to its benefits. As well as featuring the chip-installation, the Travel Rewards card does not charge foreign exchange fees, which comes in handy when making purchases of any kind while abroad. You can also build up points to cash out on travel purchases. I recently used my points to pay for my stay at the Hyatt House Hotel in Denver. Watch out for cash advance fees with the BofA Travel Rewards Card, which purchasing foreign currency in cash counts as.

Global ATM Alliance

Usually, travelers will be hit with foreign transaction fees, ATM fees and bank fees when using their cards abroad. BofA tries to help cross out some of those fees with their Global ATM Alliance partnership. As long as you use the ATM or teller services from the foreign banks noted in the Alliance, you should be able to avoid bank fees and ATM fees.

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Museums on Us Program

As a little treat for their loyal customers, Bank of America created the Museums on Us program for free entry into 150 museums around America! using your BofA credit or debit card as the ticket, you get in free on the first full weekend of every month. Check out the list of museums they partnered with to find one you’d like to visit!

Not a Bank of America customer? Check out the Travelex Multi-Currency Cash Passport Card and my other tips on how to save on foreign currency exchange.

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