8 Best Post-Breakup Vacation Spots

8 best post-breakup vacation spots

Let’s face it, the last thing you want after a heart-breaking ending to a relationship is to wallow in your sadness where you are – whether that is at work, school or home. It makes getting over a breakup that much more difficult. I’ve already touched base on why you need a vacation after a breakup and why I am searching again for my love of travel after my recent breakup. Here are my top choices for vacation spots after a breakup…

Krabi Thailand

1. Thailand
Also known as the land of smiles. One of my college teachers told the class that she forced herself to practice smiling all the time, and it soon became a natural thing for her and affected the rest of her attitude. What better way to practice smiling than with people who are always smiling back! Not to mention that Thailand has crystal-clear waters and delicious food!

ubud rice paddies

2. Bali, Indonesia
Wake up with a view of expansive rice paddies, towering volcanoes or tropical beaches – its your choice in this paradise. Bali is a great destination to reconnect with your inner peace and relax. Its easy to meet other single and adventurous travelers here, especially in Kuta and Gili Air (but avoid Gili Meno – the romantic island of the three Gilis).

Vivid Sydney Opera House

3. Sydney, Australia
Sydney has a lot to offer – beaches, a bustling restaurant scene, shopping, lively arts culture and cute guys (duh)! It is one city that I keep coming back to but never run out of things to do. Avoid stagnation in your daily life by taking a trip down under and living life on the edge. Who knows, you may realize that a cuddle from a koala is so much better than from your ex!

Iceland Northern Lights

4. Iceland
Keep your mind off of the breakup by taking advantage of the variety of outdoor activities throughout Iceland. You’ll be too busy climbing glaciers, watching whales jump up out of the water and off-roading in the countryside, than to think about the past. Instead, you’ll be in awe of the gorgeous landscape surrounding you.

Cahuita, Costa Rica sunrise

5. Costa Rica
A trip to focus on your mental and physical wellness might be just what you need, which can be found in Costa Rica. Wake up early for sunrise yoga, hike to a waterfall, go for an afternoon surf session, drink fresh squeezed tropical fruit juice and end the night dozing off to the sound of the waves. I could definitely benefit to a solid schedule like that for a week!

torii gate in japan

6. Japan
The Japanese are known for their politeness. Sometimes when we are feeling down after a breakup, a kind gesture from a stranger can lift our spirits in the moment. Escape the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and regroup in the onsens (hot springs) of Hakone and Hokkaido.

Rio de Janeiro Carnaval

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Post-breakup stress can affect our self-confidence, weight, sleep and emotional well-being. Women in Rio have the beauty and confidence issue down and show it with pride. You may think that seeing Brazilian women flaunting their assets on the beaches might make you less confident, but I think that we can learn from them on how to be proud of our bodies!

Sangria in Spain

8. Spain
All you need in Spain are the three S’s – siestas, sangria and suntanning. Catch up on your sleep with an afternoon nap, drink well and be merry in the midst of good company and fill your daily quota of Vitamin D on the Mediterranean coast! After a few days of that, you’ll feel like a brand new person!

Have you been on a vacation after a breakup? Where did you go to escape? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit:
Cayman Pier: Ray Bodden
Thailande – Krabi – Railay Beach: Nicolas Vollmer
Rice Terrace: Luke Ma
Vivid: Nicki Mannix
Iceland Aurora Borealis: Victor Montol
Golden Sunrise in Cahuita, Costa Rica: Armando Maynez
A Fugitive Presence Under the Torii: Sebastien Bertrand
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Sangria in Seville, Spain: Dan Ruth