My Travel Plans and Goals for 2015

balinese coastline

The year has barely started and already my vacation days are overbooked! Too many good opportunities have come my way and its too hard to say no to adventure. I’ll be leaving soon this month to visit friends in Boulder and ski at one of Colorado’s many famous ski resorts. I’ll also be going to Japan in the spring to visit family and friends at my usual stops in Tokyo and Iwaki, and will also add a week to island hop around Okinawa. And because I can’t turn down a great deal, I found super cheap flights to Bali for a late summer trip to put my budget travel skills to good use. Even though I am revisiting these locations, I hope to add some other small vacations to places I have never been to before onto this year’s travel list. If I am really lucky, I am going to try and squeeze one last vacation in at the end of the year to South America, completing my goal of visiting all of the habited continents before I turn 25! Cross your fingers that it works out!

okinawan coastline

Here are some goals I hope to complete during my vacations in 2015:

  • Drink and be merry under a field of Cherry Blossom trees in Japan
  • Regain my old ski school racing skills and survive a black diamond run at Vail Ski Resort
  • Crash a lecture at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Eat at Jiro Sukiyabashi’s famous Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Tokyo (quality pieces of fish, 20 courses, $300 and 3-month advance reservation)
  • Snorkel/Scuba Dive around sunken WWII ships in Ishigaki and Bali
  • Walk in shallow water from Iriomote Island to Yubu Island
  • Snorkel from sun-up ‘til sun-down around as many of the Yaeyama Islands as possible
  • Catch a few soccer games at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Vancouver
  • Go on regular Staycations throughout the year to Portland, Leavenworth, Whistler and Seattle.
  • Possibly take a weekend trip to Austin, TX (for BBQ!) or New York City (for Momofuku!)
  • Stay in lodging of varying creativity and design (Okinawan Minshukus, Balinese bungalow, Japanese capsule hotels, beachside resorts…)
  • Find a new job with more vacation hours!

Check out My Travel Bucket List to see how many of these goals are being crossed off on there too!