Why You Should Travel After a Breakup

why you should travel after a breakup

Breakups are really difficult to deal with during the aftermath – there’s nothing to hide about that. You go through the stages of grief, happiness, loneliness, freedom, anger and everything in between. And when you have a life to keep up with, some days can be super hard to get through successfully without having the world crash down on you at some point.

I recently dealt with a breakup and am still dealing with the waves of emotions every now and again. It’s hard to write about it on here, but breakups are a part of most people’s lives and teach us a lot about ourselves in the process. What was the first thing I did once I heard the parting words? I started booking vacations. If you’re going through the same ordeal as me, here are my reasons why you should travel after a breakup too.

Plans to Look Forward To

Some days feel hard to get through because I have nothing to motivate me and bring my spirits up. I literally feel hopeless about where I am in those times. But having a trip lined up in the near future is a simple way to find hope that something good will happen to you. Planning also gets you through the low moments when you go back into thinking about the relationship. Break that habit by thinking about which beachside restaurants you want to try in Phuket instead of mistakes you made that led to the breakup. Instead of moping through your present circumstances, give yourself something to look forward to that’ll make you happy… even if for just a few minutes of your day.

Okinawa Crab

Find Relaxation or Adventure

Need to just hole up away from the world like a hermit and immerse yourself in a good book? Go do that! Want to test your physical limits to prove to yourself that you are more than what your emotional limits are trying to tell you right now? That’s okay too! Take a relaxing vacation to rid yourself of the stress of a breakup, or do something adventurous to get your mind to think about anything but your heartache. Find an adrenaline rush in ways other than writing hate letters to your ex that you never plan to send anyways, or catch up on that much needed sleep you don’t get back home. Whichever one you prefer, its better than being stuck in the office.

Be Free!

Depending on which stage of a breakup you are in, you might be missing the companionship or you are finally realizing the perks of not having to take care of someone else. Either way, finding your freedom and individuality is important and can easily be done while traveling. Some examples of how to do this: getting lost and finding your way around a big city, hiking alone and having that Aha! Moment at a beautiful viewpoint, learning a cultural craft or instrument that seems daunting. Traveling alone or with a friend can show you that you don’t need your ex to be happy. Granted, there might be times you will see something and think of your ex, but acknowledge that thought and move on to thinking about yourself and the present moment. It would be a waste to have a whole trip go by and not remember much about it because you were thinking about your ex and not what was in front of you.

Okinawa Flower

Search for Your Happiness

Now that you are free, its time to find what makes you feel blissful. If you find an activity that makes you smile during your trip, keep pursuing that feeling or find similar activities that can recreate your happiness. After taking a surfing class in Australia many years ago, I’ve realized my bliss is riding the perfect wave while on vacation. That won’t turn around my sadness permanently after I return from my trip, but I can always think of the energy and sense of accomplishment I had when I felt the speed of the wave underneath me. I also relate it to how to learn how to let go of what worries me and just “ride the wave” of life. What makes it work is how you relate that happiness on your trip to what you can do to make yourself happy at home.

Maybe Find Someone New

It’s never recommended to find or be a rebound, unless you are totally ready in your heart and your mind to start a new relationship. But making a travel buddy on the road, or flirting with cute locals just to know you still have it going on, can boost your confidence and speed up the process to get back in the dating game. Prove to yourself that there are options out there that can be better than your ex.

As with most breakups, it takes time to heal from the pain. A vacation can only help with what you allow it to give back to you. It may seem like an escape from reality, but sometimes that’s just what is needed.