From Spain to Morocco with FRS Ferry

frs ferry

I was 17 when I first traveled abroad solo. I chose to go to Europe because it represented itself as a standard must when it comes to vacation initiations but seemed like the safest continent for a shy, wannabe-adventurous girl like me. As great as going to Europe sounded, I wanted something different mixed in with that trip and decided a quick jaunt over to Morocco was a brilliant idea. I still think it was a brilliant idea and am dying to go back to see more. If you are planning a vacation around Spain, a ferry over to Morocco through FRS Ferry can provide a change of scenery for a day or as long as you plan to go.

tangier medina in morocco

view of Tangier, Morocco

Originally, I had planned to take the FRS ferry and then do a private day tour with another company. Except I realized it wasn’t very safe for me as a young woman to go on a tour by myself and the price was pretty hefty. When I went to book my ferry ticket the day before I planned to go to Morocco, I found out that FRS provides group day tours and booked a spot right away! With the ferry ticket included, a day tour around Tangier cost me only 50 euros! Since I have last gone on that excursion, FRS has added many more tour options to more cities and also multi-day excursions for very affordable prices. You can now visit a hammam spa, go on hikes and visit more inland cities, among other options.

riding a camel in Tangier

Moroccan restaurant in Tangier

tangier mosque

So what did I do on this tour? We drove around to see a view of the beautiful port city of Tangier, rode a camel near the beach, visited different shops in the Medina (old central part of the city) and finally finished off with a delicious traditional Moroccan meal! I didn’t realize how delicious a Moroccan food was until I tried it that day. And I’m still dreaming about drinking Moroccan mint tea! Like most Moroccan guided tours, our tour guide brought us to carpet and traditional medicine shops hoping for us to help him get some commission off of the sales. I’m not a big fan of tours that do that, so I went exploring around the Medina on my own instead. As a woman traveling around in a highly Islamic influenced country, it is important to dress respectfully and conservatively and exude confidence when walking around the confusing and congested Medina.


mosque window in tangier

FRS Ferries serve three cities on the Europe side (Algeciras, Gibraltar and Tarifa) and three cities on the Africa side (Tangier Ville, Tangier Med, Ceuta) with ferry rides lasting only 35-70 minutes. Algeciras is easy to get to by bus or train from other Spanish cities, and Gibraltar is a popular city for day trips. I stayed in Tarifa, which is a popular wind-surfing destination, and took the 35-minute ferry to Tangier Ville from there.

view of tangier from tarifa