Why I wear Sports Jerseys when I Travel

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As a sports fanatic, I’ve enjoyed wearing my favorite team jerseys for a long time. I like to wear them as an homage to my hometown and to the countries my ancestors migrated from, as well as other teams I enjoy watching. So I constantly wear Netherlands, Ajax, Real Madrid, El Salvador and Mexico jerseys. Soccer is an international sport, so it naturally is a great idea to wear jerseys when traveling! Here are my reasons why I like to wear sports jerseys when I travel, and why you should too!

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They are Designed for Sweat and Activities
The jerseys we buy are the same jerseys that the players wear on the pitch. That means they are meant to withstand long walking tours on humid, hot days in Italy, a trail run in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or a hike from one village to another in Guatemala. They are designed with special ventilation areas to be sweat in but not show the sweat.

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Follow @yeah_nina on Instagram!

They Create Conversations (and Arguments)
When wearing your jersey, you might make a friend or two who is a fellow fan. I remember little kids in El Salvador would follow me around and talk about my jerseys because they liked watching the same kids and played soccer whenever they could! I ended up giving one kid a FC Barcelona drawstring bag because he loved carrying it around so much. It doesn’t stop at wearing soccer jerseys though. Sport a Springboks rugby jersey in South Africa or a Sonics basketball jersey in Seattle (because we want Steve Ballmer to bring the Clippers up here and revive the Sonics!). Just make sure not to wear a rival team’s jersey in the wrong city, like Real Madrid in Barcelona or an All Blacks jersey in South Africa! Then you might end up making an enemy instead of a friend.

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Wear them to the Games!
This is the most logical (and fun) reason of them all. It is awesome to experience how different countries celebrate their teams and sports compared to how we know them as. Watching a Real Madrid game in Spain and an Ajax game in Amsterdam was the highlights of my first trip to Europe and I can’t wait to go back again to see more teams play! I’m dying to be able to go to a Eurocup or World Cup championship one day, as mentioned in my Travel Bucket List. Buying a jersey at the game is also a great souvenir to take home from any trip!

Extra Tip!
Want to save some money on expensive jerseys? Women’s small jerseys are about the same as Kid’s XXL/YXL. Buying kid’s jerseys can save around $20! Also, if teams are switching sponsors or designs, the old jerseys can go on sale for a steep discount.

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