5 Souvenirs to Buy in Seattle


Yes, it rains. Yes, we drink water only when poured through coffee grounds. Yes, we’re proud of Macklemore for singing about life in our city. What else is there to Seattle? When you’re sleepless in Seattle because of having to think of what souvenirs to buy your friends and family back home, here are 5 souvenirs to buy them that scream out Seattle.

Caffe Vita Sumatra Gayo River

Coffee Beans

Seattle is the home to Starbucks, among other smaller, yet fantastic, local coffee shops. Buy your loved one a pound of the Pike Place Special Reserve only found at the two Pike Place Starbucks locations. It is different from the Pike Place Roast that you’ll find as the standard roast at every Starbucks location. If you want to try Seattle’s other coffee shops, check out Herkimer Coffee and Caffe Vita for their delicious blends.

salmon rub with love

Tom Douglas’ Rub with Love Spice Blends

Tom Douglas is a household name when it comes to the dining scene in Seattle. His famous restaurants include Palace Kitchen, Tanakasan, Serious Pie and Lola’s. But his first spot was Rub with Love Shack next to Pike Place, which spotlighted the various spice rubs he created. I personally love the African Peri Peri Rub and Salmon Rub. They come in 3.5 and 16 ounce tubs, which are perfect for giving as a souvenir to the chef in your life!

Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate

If someone rejected chocolate as a souvenir, I’d kick their ass. And even more so if they rejected a bar of Theo Chocolate. Created with love in their factory in North Seattle, they are best known for their classics, like Sea Salt/Dark Chocolate and Raspberry/Dark Chocolate and also for other flavors like Chai and Coffee. Of course all of their chocolate is made with fair trade cacao beans. Take a tour of their factory and grab a few bars at the end for some friends. Try your best to not eat them before getting off the place, though!

seahawks' fan

Seattle Sports Gear

After the Seahawks’ Superbowl XLVIII (48 for everybody else) win, their gear is the hottest clothing to sport around Seattle. If you don’t want to splurge on the Seahawks jerseys, the hawks’ Pro Shop has all sorts of cool shirts and accessories to give to a diehard sports fan. So unless they are a Niners fan, this is the way to go. Sounders gear is also really awesome if you are bringing back a souvenir for a soccer fan.

Seattle Chocolates ferry gift box

Seattle Chocolates Ferry Boat Gift Box

More chocolate!!
When you’re not busy riding one of the local Seattle ferries, grab a box of chocolates in a ferry shaped box as a souvenir! This gift is filled with chocolate truffles that showcase some of Seattle’s signature flavors – San Juan sea salt and espresso. A 12-pack box costs around $8.

Photo Credit
Salmon Rub: Tom Magliery
Theo Chocolate Factory: Seattleeye
Loudest Crowd Roar: Philip Robertson
Dick’s by Night: darwin Bell