Surfing at Westport, WA + Hobo Dinner Recipe!

Westport Surfing

For those of us that love to surf, a getaway to Bali or Portugal would ideal but doesn’t always work out when on a tight budget. The next best place for someone in the Pacific Northwest is Westport, WA. Located on the coast below Ocean Shores on the Olympic Peninsula, Westport is a cold-water surf destination that is perfect for weekend trips with friends and brisk morning surf sessions.

sand dollars at westport

When the waves call you to them like they do to me, you have to take every chance you get to catch a few waves. I try to go at least once every summer to Westport to get my surf fix in, and even then it’s not enough! The waves at Westport are perfect for beginners on long boards and also good for those trying to perfect their tricks on short boards. You get to see a bit of both when you’re there. When I am lagging in energy, I tend to watch the experienced surfers to analyze which waves they choose and their surf technique.

surfing at westport

Because the waters are cold, it is recommended to wear a 3 to 5mm wetsuit to keep the heat in, as well as wearing booties. Some people go further and wear hoods and gloves, but I think that restricts my head movement and paddling. The best time to go is during the summer when the water is warmest, but it still feels deathly cold. I have a ritual that warms me up when I first get in the water, but I won’t gross you out too much with the description (*wink*). Other than that, surfers must always be very aware of where they are in proximity to the beach because the currents are strong at Westport. By the end of my surf sessions, I would realize during that time I floated about a half mile down the beach. The worst part is when you are dead tired from all the surfing and have to walk the whole length back to where you started!

Nout Camping

Hobo Dinner Camping

On my last trip with my friends, we camped at Twin Harbors State Park, which has plenty of access to non-surfing beaches from the campsites. One of the fun experiences from that trip was searching for “nouts” to use as firewood and creating Hobo Dinners. Nouts are basically huge slabs of tree trunks that are so big that they take hours to burn through. They are much more handy to use than normal firewood, which have to be regularly put on every hour or so. We then created easy Hobo Dinners by recommendation of one of the girls; an easy camping meal of food wrapped up in tin foil and cooked on the fire. Hobo Dinners are so easy and fun to make, that they would be great projects for kids when camping. You’d think we were kids just by the way we were acting when we were putting the ingredients together!

Hobo Dinner Camping

Hobo Dinner Camping

Hobo Dinner Camping Meal

(Feeds 4 mouths)



1 pound ground beef

4 potatoes, peeled then cubed (or try shredded!)

1 onion, diced

1 can of corn

1 can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

½ tsp. seasoning of choice (Italian, Grill Seasoning, Lawry’s, Lemon Pepper, etc…)

Package of shredded cheddar cheese


Aluminum Foil


Non-Stick Cooking Spray



Lay out Aluminum Foil for each meal

Spray foil

Divide ingredients and layer beef, potatoes, onion, carrots

Pour Cream of Mushroom Soup on top (as much as you want!)

Sprinkle seasoning on top

Package the foil around the food, make sure it won’t leak

Cook about 15 minutes on each side, at least until food is fully cooked

Take Hobo Dinner off the fire and open

Sprinkle cheese on top and devour!