Midweek Daydream Destination: Kiwayu, Kenya

Shela Village

This week’s Midweek Daydream Destination comes courtesy of fellow Redditor, Jake, who kindly sent some photos from a previous trip to Kiwayu Island on the north coast of Kenya! Hear what he has to say about it…

turtle hatching

milky way

“I spent about 2.5 months here last August, started driving an agonizing 200km on horrific African dirt roads. Stopped in Lamu for a night to recover, and then sped the remaining 50km up to Kiwayu via speed boat, also a pretty rough trip!
But once I got there it was just 2 and a half months chillaxing on the beach and in the creek going for walks, exploring the wild national park. Kitesurfing, sand yachting and ping pong almost everyday. Glorious!”
Mikes Camp Room
Wrasse fish
For an easier way to get to Kiwayu Island, flights from Nairobi are offered by multiple airlines and even land on the beach! What a grand entrance to a relaxing vacation.
Jake stayed at Mike’s Camp, a gorgeous yet simple hotel run by his uncle. Each of the spacious bedrooms are openly connected with the surrounding nature and overlook the Indian Ocean or mangrove creeks, while safely equipped with mosquito nets. While there, you can chill out in the hammocks, go scuba diving, visit nearby villages, and go on game reserve drives! Check out Mike’s Camp’s website for more information and room rates.
african sunset
Photo Credit: Jake Lee Kennedy
To see more photos of his vacation to Kiwayu, check out his trip album.
Thanks Jake!
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