Midweek Daydream Destination: Yamanashi, Japan

yamanashi japan


As part of my friend, Aya’s, personal project of joining the 100HappyDays movement, she went on a side trip near Motosu Lake in the Yamanashi area of Japan during a work vacation. This area is known for its Moss Phlox Festival (Shibazakura), where the whole area is filled with pink shades of moss. As you can see, the moss was just starting to grow at the time she visited. So soon it will be in full bloom! But that doesn’t matter when you have such a gorgeous view of Fujisan in front of you! It is actually one of my goals to hike up Fujisan on a future trip to Japan (looks like I need to write that down on My Travel Bucket List)!

Aya also spent time at the nearby onsens (Japanese hot springs) during this mini vacation. There many around the Yamanashi area, including popular onsens in cities like Hakone and Nagano. The Yamanashi Prefecture is almost two hours from Tokyo and can be reached by train.

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Photo Credit: Aya Yaguchi