3 Ways Women can Stay Safe When Traveling Alone


Traveling as a female can sometimes be daunting for a first time solo traveler. Family members constantly worry over your whereabouts, you have to think twice about walking alone at night to get emergency tampons (anybody? just me? ok.), and you have to be wary of who can be a fun travel buddy or who is just a plain creep. However, solo travel is very rewarding and teaches you skills, like navigation, independence and communication. Planning to travel solo soon? No need to fear! Here are 3 ways women can stay safe when traveling alone.

Learn Self Defense through Kenpo
Kenpo is a Japanese martial arts form that focuses on self defense tactics. Unlike other martial arts, Kenpo teaches how to do counter attacks instead of making the initial attack attempts. Students work on fast and efficient movements that disarm or end the fight as quick as possible. How will this benefit solo travelers? Take a few classes before a trip to learn how to protect yourself if you get into a potentially dangerous situation. I believe women should learn self defense tactics to empower themselves and be proactive about preventing themselves from being another victim of crime.

safetrek app

Download the SafeTrek App
SafeTrek is an innovative new app to send help if the user runs into danger. If you worry that you are in a dangerous area or situation, you simply pull out the app and walk with your thumb pressed to the center of the app until you feel safe again. Afterwards, you put in a password to notify that you are safe, but if you don’t do anything then police will be notified about the situation. SafeTrek is simple to use and is invaluable if the event arises where you feel unsafe. So far SafeTrek only works in the United States.

dovetail travel body band

Hide Valuable Items
Theft is the most common crime that happens to travelers. It can affect how we view the area where it happened and the overall trip. Here are some clever ways to protect your valuables from being stolen. The Dovetail Travel in Peace is a money belt that allows women to hide their passport and money in an inconspicuous but comfortable spot. You can buy the Travel Band with goes over underwear, or the Travel Wing which is worn over the bra and sits in between the shoulder blades. Or try the Explorer Scarf with a Hidden Pocket on Speakeasy Supply Co.’s Etsy site, which keeps your valuables close at hand while in a spot where thieves normally wouldn’t think to look. Just stash your passport and money into a pocket hidden in the scarf that is close with a zipper!


Have you been in a dangerous situation while traveling? How did you respond? Let us know in the comments below!

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