How to Survive Concert Season at the Gorge Amphitheater

Every year, the Gorge Amphitheater pulls out a great festival lineup that keeps concert lovers coming back year after year (and sometimes multiple times a year)! Considered one of the best music amphitheaters in North America, musicians and fans both love to play and listen to live shows here amongst the gorgeous views of the Columbia River. It’s a long drive to get there from the city, and for a first timer it’s hard to know how to prepare for a weekend at the Gorge. Whether you’re going for Paradiso, Sasquatch Music Festival, Watershed, or Dave Matthews, check out these 5 tips for surviving concert season at the Gorge Amphitheater.


The hot weather and blaring sun over in Eastern Washington can cause temperatures to surpass 100 degrees often. Many concertgoers at the Gorge fall victim to dehydration simply because they’re too busy rocking out to awesome music. Be prepared while in the mosh pit with sleek water bottle options like the hydration running belts by Camden Gear or Camelbak’s Classic Hydration Pack. Cool off more by visiting the water mist tents and by using a cooling bandana, like Ergodyne’s Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Bandana.




Dress Warm

Wait, what? Although it is really hot during the daytime, Eastern Washington turns very windy and cold at night. Bring a cover-up when going to the last shows of the night when the chill starts to come, and bring warm sleeping bags to snuggle into afterwards. The heat will return around the late morning.

Skip the Shower Lines

But don’t skip showering entirely! The showers at the Gorge are expensive to pay extra for on the ticket, are busy all the time, and are pretty gross from all the traffic. Bring along a portable solar shower so you can shower wherever and whenever! It’s easiest to leave it on top of the car hood to heat up over the afternoon so it’ll be hot when you come back from the shows at night. Advanced Elements sells 5 gallon portable solar showers for around $30. Now, if only there was a way to avoid the porta potties there!




Stake your Spot Early

If you want a good spot in the mosh pit or on the lawn, you’ll have to sit through the shows in the afternoon until the night for the perfect view of your favorite band. Create a shift system with your concert buddies so you can all go do other stuff too before it’s time to see the main headliners. Otherwise you’ll have to squeeze through a bunch of people to get to the front, and they will end up hating you for that.



Relax in Moses Lake

About a 10-minute drive at the freeway exit after the Gorge is Moses Lake, a small town that is a great place for a break from the concerts to relax. I’d recommend stocking up on groceries here instead of paying steep prices at the concert grocery store. Also check out the little beaches to cool down in the heat and to reenergize before going back to the Gorge for more!

Planning to go see a concert this year at the Gorge Amphitheater? Which artists are you excited to go see?

Photo Credits:
Gorge View: Chelsea Nesvig via Flickr
Stage Close-Up: Erocsid via Flickr
Crowd: Erocsid via Flickr
Moses Lake: Author’s Personal Photo