Why I Love Sandeman’s New Europe Tours

dublin walking tour

Everybody loves free stuff. So if you find a free walking tour that is equal, if not better, to their expensive competition, why would you pass that up? I first found out about Sandeman’s New Europe free walking tours during my first backpacking trip to Europe and have consistently gone on their tours since. Find out why I love Sandeman’s New Europe Tours and why you should go on one of their tours the next time you visit Europe.

Tips Based Commission?

The tour guides work solely on whatever the tour group of the day chooses to give. Some people give as much as other tours usually cost, some give the same as what they would spend their next meal on, and others walk away giving nothing. This means the tour guides at Sandeman’s work hard to make sure everybody learns something and enjoys the tour. You can really feel their energy and love for the cities they walk around daily!

madrid walking tour

Where Can I Find These Tours?

Sandeman’s New Europe Tours has daily walking tours in 18 cities, including…

  •        Barcelona
  •        Berlin
  •        Brussels
  •        Copenhagen
  •        Dublin
  •        Edinburgh
  •        Hamburg
  •        Lisbon
  •        Liverpool
  •        London
  •        Madrid
  •        Munich
  •        Paris
  •        Prague
  •        Amsterdam

They also give tours outside of Europe in New York City, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!

paris walking tour

Why Do I Love Them?

As a traveler most often on a budget, Sandeman’s tours allow me to see and learn about the cities I travel to for cheap while keeping the consistency and quality that I often see in paid tours. This helps me to stretch my travel budget so I can see and do things on the other days in the cities. I prefer to go on a Sandeman’s walking tour on my first day in a new city, that way I can get the general layout of it before I start to venture around on my own. Getting associated with the city prevents me from looking like a typical lost tourist later on, which can be really embarrassing. I have been on the walking tours in Amsterdam, Dublin, Madrid, and Paris, and I can’t wait to go back to Europe to go on the rest of the tours!