Seattle’s Best Burgers

Unless you’re a vegetarian, you can’t pass up a burger no matter how hard you try. There are plenty of quality restaurants in Seattle, but where can you find the best burgers? Here are the best restaurants to get the best burgers you’ll find in Seattle.

Dick’s Drive-In Restaurant
A mainstay in the Seattle community and loved by everyone, ranging from college kids with late-night munchies to the older generation who visited Dick’s when it first opened doors in 1954. The burgers are simple, but hit the spot perfectly. Why are they so good? Dick’s only uses 100% beef and the burgers are made daily and are never frozen. Most customers will buy more than one burger because they are so cheap. But Dick’s only takes cash, so come prepared. Compliment with a chocolate milkshake and some fries. If you’re daring enough, try dipping the fries in the milkshake for the ultimate experience!

Lunchbox Laboratory
Lunchbox’s experiments keep their customers on their toes! You never know what the next menu surprise will be for their burgers, sides, and milkshakes. The burger to try on the first visit is the Dork Burger, a mix of duck and pork meat in the patty with Monterey Jack cheese, signature onions, and garlic mayo. Once you pick up the Dork Burger, you can’t put it down! If you think some of their ideas might sound iffy, let Lunchbox’s crazy Tang or Kool-Aid mixed drink prove you wrong.

Palace Kitchen
The Palace Burger Royale lives up to the Tom Douglas namesake. Nestled in an onion bun from Douglas’s other restaurant, the Dahlia Bakery, is just the first punch of flavor. Other delicious add-ons include pickled green tomatoes, Beecher’s cheese, dijonnaise (Dijon and mayonnaise), and perfectly crispy fries on the side make it a memorable meal. The Palace Burger Royale is pricey at $16, but it is totally worth it. Save some room in your stomach for a slice of the Triple Coconut Cream Pie, you won’t regret it!

8oz. Burger Bar
The burgers at 8oz. Burger are serious business. You can’t go wrong by starting out with The 8oz., featuring balsamic onions, Beecher’s cheese, bacon, and truffle aioli; or The Broadway, piled with garlic tomato jam, garlic confit, mozzarella, and aioli. They take typical burger toppings and step them up with gourmet versions that balance well together. When you’re ready to take the plunge, try the water buffalo or wild board burgers. And after a few visits you’ll be coming by frequently to taste the burger of the month, which never disappoint.

Katsu Burger
A katsu burger mixes American and Japanese food culture, but is an original idea born out of Seattle. Katsu is typically deep fried juicy pork cutlet coated in fine, flakey breadcrumbs. At Katsu Burger you can choose between beef, pork, chicken, and tofu for your katsu between the burger. This ain’t your typical burger, but it is a tasty spin on it that is definitely worth trying!